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Welcome to Japan’s Largest Marine Event

Discover a lineup of items to enrich your marine life at Pacifico Yokohama, and enjoy moored exhibits of large boats at Yokohama Bayside Marina. In addition to this, events from both venues will be streamed on the online boat show event website.

  • Please refrain from bringing pets to either venue, with the exception of guide dogs, hearing assistance dogs and service dogs.
  • Please use public transportation to get to the show venues.

Pacifico Yokohama

Indoor exhibit venue

The indoor Pacifico Yokohama exposition facility will exude the flavor of marine recreation. The venue will be brimming with displays of the latest motorboat, sailboat, personal watercraft models and marine accessories as well as delivering the latest marine industry information and more. An array of other items to help people enjoy a marine lifestyle will also be exhibited, all arranged and presented in an easy-to-understand fashion. In addition, we will offer daily programs and various co-sponsored events, focusing on stage talk sessions.


Personal Watercraft Area

Jet Village

Focusing on the latest personal watercrafts, the Jet Village showcases items from trailers to wetsuits so you can actively enjoy ‘jet life’. There will also be all kinds of information presented for enjoying personal watercrafts and where to ride them, set out in an easy-to-understand way so that even beginners can join in on the fun!

Something for Beginners to Experts and Racing

Sailing Village

With the display of small sailboats at its core, in addition to introducing you to open sea cruising, yacht racing and sailing clubs, the Sailing Village also provides the latest information on various sailing items. From those who are interested in yacht life to veteran sailors, please don’t hesitate to come by.

Be a Junior Captain!

Kids Village

“Be a Junior Captain!” is the motto at the Marine Kids Village, opened for kids up to elementary school age. Set to hold programs on April 2nd (Saturday) and April 3rd (Sunday). (Limited capacity, reservations must be made at booth on the day)

Expanding the World of Marine Recreation

Small Boat Area

A look at safety with small boats and how they can be enjoyed

This exhibit will mainly show inflatable boats (types that use air to inflate), which do not require a small vessel license. We will share the charms of such watercraft at this boat show with a lineup of various boat types, and show you how to enjoy their compact hulls, how to secure safety in a small boat, how to store it and more.

A Full Spectrum of Marine Lifestyles

Lifestyle Avenue

On display here are a choice selection of cars, accessories, fashion brands and the like, adding vibrancy to what can only be enjoyed uniquely through the marine lifestyle.

Co-sponsored Events

Sailing Ship ‘Miraie’ Boarding Experience (paid activity)

A boarding experience will be offered at the Pukari Pier adjacent to Pacifico Yokohama for the sailing ship ‘Miraie’. We invite you to experience sailing on a sailing ship, an experience unlike being on a boat or yacht.

Please check here for more information

Yokohama Bayside Marina

Floating exhibit venue

There will be around 60 primarily larger motorboats and sailing cruisers docked on the water at the Yokohama Bayside Marina. The display boats will be open for visitors to actually come aboard (not applicable for some models), and there will be opportunities to feel the characters of certain craft out on the water firsthand.


April 1st (Fri.) ~ April 3rd (Sun.) - some models require prior reservation

Boat Riding Event

An experience possible with the waterside venue and no license necessary for brief operation

*All events require reservations.

This popular program enables visitor to experience boats out on the water where even people without a license can try operating a motorboat or crewing on a sailboat. Programs are prepared to cater to people of different levels of skill and experience, from complete beginners to veterans, with those holding a license able to experience voyage courses on large boats.

Try your hand at being Captain (ship maneuvering experience)
Boating lessons
Boat (advanced level) Tokyo Bay voyage course (reservation required)
Yacht (sailing cruiser) sailing experience

Yokohama Bayside Marina Cruise NEW

During the physical boat show event period, bayside cruises will be run around Negishi Bay, departing from Yokohama Bayside Marina. On this 45-minute cruise, you’ll get to see impactful locations such as Minamihonmaki Pier, the shipyard, and the factory area in the Negishi coastal area. We invite you to take this opportunity to enjoy Yokohama from the sea. Tickets sold only on-site.

Cruise days
April 1 (Fri.), 2 (Sat.) and 3 (Sun.)
Cruise times
(1) 13:00 ~ 13:45
(2) 14:00 ~ 14:45
(3) 15:30 ~ 16:15
50-feet cruiser
Adult 1,000yen
Child 500yen
(Preschooler 1 free per Adult)
*Reservations at Yokohama Bay Cruise reception
Cruise duration

Marina picnic cruise

This is a mini cruise inside Yokohama Bayside Marina on a pontoon boat. Tickets sold only on-site. For schedule and more details, please see reception.

Cruise days
April 1 (Fri.), 2 (Sat.) and 3 (Sun.)
Pontoon boat
500yen/person (middle schoolers and below free)
Cruise duration
approx. 20min.
Children cannot ride by themselves

Be a Junior Captain!

Captain Kids

These are experiences lined up for children up to elementary school age. This program uses the marina's hydrophilic area, such as for the mini boat experience and small yacht experience. It is on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of the event.

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